Music Theatre, for Soprano, Saxophone, Piano+ and Electronics

Soprano, Chien-Chun Lin

Saxophone, Shyen Lee

Piano+ and Electronics, I-Chin Li

Composed by I-Chin Li


Hywel in the Attic

Music Theatre,  Parody Cinema Chapter in Butterfly Dream, for Trombone, Electronics, Cinema and Interactive Theatre


Music Theatre Cinema, for Trombone, Electronics and Moving Images
Trombone Hywel Jone, Electronics I-Chin Li, Composed and directed by I-Chin Li

Text Inspired by Zhuàngzi, “Discussion on making all things equal”, trans. Watson. Burton, Chuang Tzu (New York: Columbia University Press, 1996)



Music Theatre for Soprano, Baritone, Piano, Live Electronics and Body Movement

Cassandra, Music Theatre for Soprano, Baritone, Piano, Live Electronics and Body Movement

Soprano Chien-Chun Lin
Baritone Jonathan Whitten
Piano and Live Electrtonics I-Chin Li
Body Movement /Butoh Dance Mi Yazawa

Composed by I-Chin Li, ©2017 all rights reserved, unauthorized copy is strictly prohibited.

Song of Life

Music Theatre, for voice, piano, sitar, tabla, percussion and dance


Song of Life, voice, Chien-Chun Lin, sitar, Ryohei Kanemitsu, piano, I-Chin Li, tabla, Toshihiro Wakaike, percussion, Eric Sung Dance, Yogi Yu-Chun Chan, Weilai Chang Copyrights 2013, I-Chin Li, Ar…

Source: Song of Life

Casandra Improvisation

Music Theatre, Improvisation, for Soprano, Baritone, Clarinet, Piano and Electronics

ADAM Quartet, Casandra Improvisation Music Theatre
For voice, clarinet, piano+

Brighton, 2013.

Voice, Chien-Chun Lin, Jonathan Whitten, Clarinet, Tom Jackson, Piano+, I-Chin Li

Copyrights 2013, I-Chin Li, Arena di Avant Musica, all rights reserved.