Amis Gumolth I-Chin Li


Music Theatre, for Electroacoustic Music, Moving Body and Moving Images Ariadne’s Thread Act I Excerpt, for voice, piano, clarinet, saxophone, percussion and electronics Soprano Chien-Chun Lin Electric Guitar Ryo Ikeshiro Piano I-Chin Li Clarinet and Saxophone Tom Jackson Electronics Ryo Ikeshiro I-Chin Li Composed by I-Chin Li *Original Mix is on 8-Ch, this excerpt is thus diffused to 2-Ch in this version. ©2017 all rights reserved, unauthorized copy is strictly prohibited…. Read More

Music Theatre, Improvisation, for Soprano, Baritone, Clarinet, Piano and Electronics ADAM Quartet, Casandra Improvisation Music Theatre For voice, clarinet, piano+ Brighton, 2013. Voice, Chien-Chun Lin, Jonathan Whitten, Clarinet, Tom Jackson, Piano+, I-Chin Li Copyrights 2013, I-Chin Li, Arena di Avant Musica, all rights reserved.